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St Stephen’s House

One of the six Permanent Private Halls of Oxford University, St Stephen’s House is an Anglican theological college. Currently, the college has a very small percentage of undergraduate students (just four in the academic year 2019–2020), but it has graduate students majoring in theology, Byzantine studies, education, and music.

The majority of students are pursuing professional training as classroom teachers, and another quarter are pursuing professional theological and ministerial training as priests, with the remaining half carrying out a wide range of studies and research.

What is St Stephen's House's Affiliation?

Blackfriars is affiliated with the Church of England (Anglo-Catholic). Anglo-Catholicism comprises beliefs and practices that emphasise the Catholic heritage and identity of the various Anglican churches. The term was coined in the early 19th century.

What Degree Subjects Can you Study at St Stephen's House?

The only undergraduate degree subject is Theology.

Where is St Stephen’s House?

Address: 16 Marston St, Oxford OX4 1JX

Oxford University Halls - Wycliffe Hall. Image courtesy of David Howard.

Wycliffe Hall

Wycliffe Hall is named after the Bible translator and reformer John Wycliffe, who taught at Balliol College, Oxford in the 14th century.

Oxford University - St Benet’s Hall. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

St Benet’s Hall

St Benet’s Hall is one of Oxford’s Permanent Private Halls. Its principal building is located on the side of St Giles.

Oxford University - Champion Hall. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Campion Hall

There are six Permanent Private Halls at the University of Oxford in England. Campion Hall is run by the Society of Jesus.

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