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How to Find Temporary and Part-Time Work in Oxford

Villages around oxford: Bicester.

If you’re looking for work in Oxford (in particular, temp jobs or part-time positions) here are a few resources that might come in handy.

Who can Work in Oxford?

Although some qualified jobs might be willing to sponsor you, the majority of jobs you can find in Oxford will require you to be a permanent resident of the country or have a work permit. This was a little easier when the United Kingdom was part of the European Union, however, things have changed after Brexit. If you do have a permit, then you will find these links and resources useful, If not, we recommend you take a look at the official government’s “Living Permanently in the UK” guide

Are There Good Temporary or Part-Time Jobs in Oxford?

Well, there’s one clear advantage to living in such a big university and tourist town: Plenty of colleges, accommodation, restaurants, and services that require a hand

Most temporary and part-time work in Oxford will be in the hospitality business, or for one of the many colleges. Fortunately, job listings for these kinds of positions are easily advertised. The pay won’t be as much as more qualified jobs, but most agencies and contractors will just require a couple of references. This means you could get started with your job in just a couple of days.

Oxford University - Exeter College. Image courtesy of Billy Wilson.

Where can You Find Temp and Part-Time Jobs in Oxford?

There are a few websites that can make this process very, very straightforward. So let’s go through the two I personally recommend: Daily Info and Oxford University Jobs. These were the two portals I personally used to find temp work. Daily Info, in particular, has the advantage of being a local (and big!) publication. The site is quite oriented to perm work too. 

Daily Info

Daily Info is Oxford city’s biggest portal. It includes information about things to do, recommendations, and one of the largest job boards. This job board has all kinds of jobs (permanent, temporary, full-time, part-time, apprenticeships, etc) and it features them in a way that is easy to navigate. Most colleges post their listings here too, so you will find dozens of positions working for the University. 

Website (Home):

Oxford Job Board:

Oxford University Jobs

The University of Oxford provides a diverse environment where staff can flourish and grow – regardless of age, gender, religion, etc. The University is actually committed to recruiting and retaining under-represented groups.

University jobs are divided into Academic, Research, Professional Services, Apprenticeships, and Temporary Work

Website (portal):

Job Portals

There are several job portals that have temp positions all over the country. These are usually more qualified positions and require you to sign up – -so we’ve excluded them from this article. It’s easy to find them, though. Just search for “Oxford jobs” and you will see hundreds. If you’re new to the area, though, we recommend you use Daily Info and Oxford University Jobs, as they can help you find temp work very quick and without having to apply for position that might or might not exist. 

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