Everything About the Polish Community in Oxford

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Everything About the Polish Community in Oxford

Everything About the Polish Community in Oxford

Are you Polish and in Oxford? In this article, you will find information about Polish associations and societies, festivals, shops, restaurants, and groups to meet with other Pole expats and migrants. 

The Oxford Polish Community

Oxford has a large and diverse population with many international students and professionals, so it’s no surprise there’s also a significant Polish community in the city. Here are all the resources to find cultural events, restaurants, and shops that cater to Polish migrants. 

Polish Communities and Societies in Oxford

Among the many communities that call Oxford home, the Polish community stands out for its contributions to the city’s intellectual, artistic, and social fabric. From language classes to folk dancing, and traditional cuisine to historical lectures, the Polish communities and societies in Oxford offer a range of activities and events that celebrate Polish culture and provide opportunities for cultural exchange.

Here are the main Polish communities and societies of Oxford and how to reach out to them:

  • Oxford Polish Association: This small and voluntary community association holds regular events and aims to be seen as an image of the Polish community living and working in Oxford.
  • Oxford Univesity Polish Society (OxPolSoc): This society organises formal dinners, concerts, and various events to celebrate Polish culture and history. At the moment of writing this article, the Oxford University Polish Society has 289 members and has been promoting Poland for 66 years.  
  • InterNations Polish Expats: This private company organises events and activities for Poles in Oxford, including in-person hobby meetups, sports, and music.  

Polish Restaurants and Shops in Oxford

If you’re looking for a taste of Polish cuisine or a way to connect with Polish culture in Oxford, you’re in luck! The city is home to a number of Polish restaurants and shops that offer authentic Polish food, ingredients, and products.

From traditional pierogi and kielbasa to Polish beer and sweets, these establishments provide a range of options for those interested in exploring the rich culinary traditions of Poland. In this list, I will highlight some of the best Polish restaurants and shops in Oxford to satisfy your curiosity and your appetite. So, here are my recommendations:

  • Polish Kitchen: This compact and relaxed spot in Rose Hill offers generous portions of home-style Polish food – plus, of course, vodka, beer, and wine. The place is cosy, the service is friendly, and the food is healthy and tasty. What else do you need? Polish Kitchen offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options. Address: 96 Rose Hill, Oxford OX4 4HX. 
  • Polish Shop “Żubr” Littlemore: This classic Polish shop offers loads of food and has a deli counter with every dish you probably miss. You can get to it going down Cowley Road (the shop is in Littlemore). Closes at 9 pm. Address: 34 Cowley Rd, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 4LD.
  • Polish Shop Slonecznik (the site was offline at the time of writing this): This convenience store is on Wilkins Road (OX4 2JB). Address: 81 Wilkins Rd, Oxford OX4 2JB.
  • Polski Sklep Żubr Headington: This Headington Polish shop has many meta, cake, and salad selections and friendly staff. You also never know what you’re going to find, so it’s a fun shop to explore if you want some homely surprises. Address: 115 London Rd, Headington, Oxford OX3 9HZ.

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