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Rowing in Oxford – Oxford Row Courses and Private Lessons

Oxford is the perfect place to learn how to row. Rowing is a great activity for people of all ages. Why would you spend your time inside a gym when you can be out in the Cherwell, meeting new people and engaging your entire body in a rewarding and fun activity? So, let’s see how you can row in Oxford.

Can You Learn to Row in Oxford?

Yes! Oxford offers several rowing courses and classes fo both juniors and adults. Typically, the Junior courses start in early September. Adults can join any time and choose between a variety of modalities, including one-on-one rowing lessons and group sessions. 

Adult rowing courses typically last four weeks and includes membership to your chosen club. Most of them also have additional facilities, such as bars, gyms, and erg rooms. 

Do You Need Any Previous Knowledge to Learn to Row?

No, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of rowing. However, you should be ready to engage in moderate exercise, which can include some lifting, too. It’s also recommended that you are able to swim 50 yards to join the courses.

If you can’t swim, don’t worry! Most clubs will provide you with a lifejacket you can use for your rowing lessons. 

What Kinds of Rowing Courses Are There in Oxford?

Most rowing courses in Oxford are of two kinds: Private (one on one or two on one) or group lessons. The private classes alow you to set your own objectives and move at your own pace, while the group sessions can help you meet new people (and tend to be more affordable).

Some clubs also offer small group rowing lessons you can do wit friends. These tend to be a little pricier than the group ones, but you can usually book for the days that are most convenient for you. 

How Long do Row Courses Last?

Most Oxford row courses last four weeks and include eight lessons. Of course, different clubs will have different requirements for rowing. Courses also tend to happen during the summer, so you might have to hire a private row coach if you want to do lessons during other times of the year.

Can Anyone Learn to Row in Oxford?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be an Oxford University student or be affiliated with any particular institution to learn row at Oxford. Any junior or adult can gove this great sport a chance!

The Best Rowing Clubs, Coaches, and Classes in Oxford

Below you will find the best options for private or group rowing classes, events, and activities. All these clubs are open to anyone, so you don’t need to belong to the University or fulfill specific requirements beyond being relatively fit and (ideally) knowing how to swim.

  • City of Oxford Rowing Club: The club offer private and group rowing courses for both juniors and adults. You can check their RowFit page for more information.  
  • Oxford Academicals Rowing Club: This club offers row courses to anyone over the age of 18 who has a basic level of fitness, flexibility, and strength. This club usually does two courses a year (from April to May and from June to July). 
  • Oxford Row Coach: This coach runs courses for adult beginners (over 18) in crews of eight. By the end of a course, you should have learned sculling and rowing techniques and be familiar with the most important equipment and terminology.
  • Falcon Boat Club: Falcon Rowing Club runs regular weekend (and in some cases weekday) row courses for adults and juniors. They also offer a range of recreational rowing options for fitness or fun and do occasional racing and outings. 
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