Oxford Vintage & Old Photos: All Souls College: Dining Hall

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Historical Oxford: Free Vintage & Antique Photos of the City and University

Oxford Vintage & Old Photos: All Souls College: Dining Hall

The history of Oxford dates back to Saxon times, when the location of what would become one of the most famous University towns in the world was of strategic significance. The confluence of the rivers Cherwell and Thames saw the growth of the town during the Norman period and medieval times. This is why it’s still relatively easy to track down postcards and photographs of the old Oxford. Many of them, however, are not available online or in high quality. We’re determined to change this and spread the beauty of Oxford and its colleges to all corners of the world. So let’s see some of the best Oxford vintage postcards we’ve collected.

Vintage Postcards of Oxford City

Let’s start with its streets and passages. Of course, Oxford University dominates the town but there are plenty of other architectural marvels. 

Old Photos of Oxford University Merton College

Merton College has been photographed for a long time. Consequently, there are lots of amazing vintage postcards showing its interior and architecture.

Old Photos of Oxford's Christ Church

Christ Church is probably one of Oxford’s most visited colleges. The postcards and photographs taken through time show its perennial magnificence.

Old Photos of Oxford's All Souls College

All Souls College was founded in 1438 to commemorate the victims of the Hundred Years’ War. 

Vintage Postcards of Other Oxford Colleges

Luckily, visitors to Oxford have been long taking pictures and buying postcards of the different University Colleges. So we have quite an extensive collection to share with you. Perhaps if you visit the colleges you can take these old photos and compare how things have changed!

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