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St Cross College

St Cross College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford in England. Founded in 1965, St Cross is an all-graduate college located on a central site in St Giles’, just south of Pusey Street. St Cross College aims to match the structure, life and support of undergraduate colleges, with the relaxed atmosphere of an all-graduate college.

Founded by the University on 5 October 1965, St Cross College formally became a society the following year. It was to admit its first graduate students (five in number) in the following year. Like most of Oxford’s newer colleges, St Cross is co-educational.

What's the History of St Cross College?

St Cross College was set up as a society by the University on 5 October 1965 and admitted its first graduate students (five in number) in the following year. The early location of the college was on a site in St Cross Road, so it took the name from its proximity. In 1981 the college moved from St Cross Road into a site owned by Pusey House for a leased period of 999-years. 

The Buildings of St Cross College

The college is located on St Giles’ close to the Ashmolean Museum and faces St John’s College

St Cross’ buildings are structured around two quads: The Richard Blackwell Quadrangle and the new West Quad. The original Pusey House buildings are around the Blackwell quad, including the chapel. At the west side of the Blackwell Quad lies the Four Colleges Arch, named after the four colleges which had contributed especially generous capital and recurrent funding to St Cross: MertonAll SoulsChrist Church, and St John’s. In addition to the current main site, the college still owns its original site on St Cross Road.

What is it Like to Study at St Cross College, Oxford?

There is a founding tradition of sharing social facilities between fellows, members of Pusey House, the Common Room and students. St Cross has no separate high table or Senior Common Room, which gives the college a much more informal and interdisciplinarian atmosphere.

The college has an active social calendar with a range of societies and sports teams, as well as weekly academic seminars and annual conferences. The colege shaes a Boat Club with Wolfson College. The St Cross women’s football team also enjoys great success.

Other events in the college include a regular formal hall, a feast once a term, ‘bops’ (informal college-based parties) and a yearly ball. St Cross was the first Oxford college to officially celebrate Chinese New Year. The college also hosts reunion events for alumni both in Oxford and abroad. 

Students are provided with accommodation in the first year of study. The cafe/bar area is a large oak-panelled room with leather sofas, a TV, a sound system for bi-termly parties, and a football table.

Where is St Cross College?

St Cross College is located on St Giles (OX1 3LZ), Oxford. Tel 01865 278490.

St Cross College Coat of Arms
Arms: Argent a Cross Potent Purpure a Quarter counterchanged; and for the Crest upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Purpure an Armillary Sphere upon a Stand Or thereon a Dove with wings elevated and displayed Argent holding in the beak a Sprig of Mulberry fructed and leaved proper mantled Purpure doubled Argent.

Can you Visit St Cross College?

Yes, St Cross College is open to the public but by appointment only.

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